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Welcome to Kenyons, where creativity and family values come together.

The family bit – supportive, caring – almost goes without saying, as a Kenyon has been involved in the company since it was set up 1990, and Rosie Kenyon is the current MD. Our colleagues and clients seem to like the ‘family’ approach…

But it’s the work that the Kenyons family produces which shows why we say we’re at home with creativity.

We have to be ultra-creative to deliver results for brilliant organisations in a range of sectors, and keep updating our services. We’re a fully integrated agency with in-house professionals in each discipline, which means we deliver across the board, and always try to do ‘creative’, not ‘ordinary’.

Get in touch and say hello…
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Part of the family

We’re always keen to hear from passionate, skilled people and if you think you would work well as part of our family, get in touch to tell us why.

Creative Copywriter Monday 14th October 2019 Assistant Accountant Monday 18th November 2019