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Creative PR combining audience understanding with wide-ranging experience and an enthusiasm for creative ideas. Delivering engaging stories via the appropriate channels to the interested eyes and ears.

Creative PR

Delivering the right message, when and where it matters most.

Our content team has the experience and insight to provide trusted PR support and the coverage your organisation deserves.

We’ve assembled a top team of writers (including former journalists), media strategists, animators, videographers, graphic designers and social media experts to reflect what’s been happening in the world of PR and content marketing.

The changing world of PR…

There’s been a rapid revolution, sparked by the ‘democratisation’ of the media through the internet and social channels.

Information is more accessible than ever (who trawls through old press cuttings, or scours Yellow Pages?) and the other side of the coin is that the public has an instant channel to have its say: anyone can be a thought leader or content creator.

This revolution means that old-style PR – aimed mainly at increasing sales and brand visibility – has had to change to a two-way strategic communication process, listening to the audience and responding (quickly and) constructively.

Our creative PR team produces content to gain coverage across relevant channels, spanning digital and print. This content can be in the form of press releases as well as blogs and vlogs, videos and animations, podcasts, clever graphics – content that will gain attention and give real value to the target audience.

This will improve SEO and build brand profile.

The key to successful PR and content marketing is listening to the audience, and responding to their questions and interests. Do that and – whether you call it PR or content creation – it will help build the relationship in a way that benefits both audience and organisation.