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Employer branding

A brand often communicates with its external audiences, but sometimes misses out by not communicating with its internal audiences. Talking to your team/staff/employees, with consistent brand values, is key to gaining crucial feedback and improving significant elements such as:

  • Staff retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Brand loyalty
  • Positive word of mouth
  • Productivity
  • Profitability

There are many ways employer branding can improve the work you’re doing and nurture a positive culture within your workforce.


Research stimulates fresh thinking based on in-depth and up-to-date understanding. Research to build your employer brand includes a mix of ethnographic techniques, focus groups and one-to-one discussions, as well as surveys and questionnaires. Research is conducted thoughtfully, using a variety of techniques to give validated and insightful qualitative and quantitative data.

Employee value proposition

The employee value proposition shares your story and clarifies why people would choose to work with you. It gives people the opportunity to better understand where they fit into the picture and consider how and why they might want to contribute to the brand journey. This will be told with as many visual cues and (moving) illustrations as possible, to optimise engagement.

Brand values

Brand values define your ways of working; how you produce the best outputs; how you communicate with customers and other members of your team – they’re guiding principles that bring the team together on aligned values. Defining the values is one step, the other is communicating them and ensuring they are lived – we can help with both elements.

Internal communication

Internal communication starts the conversation and keeps it alive. An internal communications campaign should carry the spirit of your organisation and deliver communication across multiple touchpoints to produce an all-encompassing and highly accessible campaign that consistently keeps people in the loop and gives opportunity for feedback. Coherent and compelling internal communications has a huge impact on team engagement and productivity.