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Video and animation

Moving stories designed for your audience.

Videos and animations are prime tools to help us share our clients’ stories. They are also prime components of the digital world – including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%, for example.

But it’s not enough just to come up with any old moving pictures: the approach and execution have to fit strategic aims and carry key messages effectively.

That’s why we don’t just make videos and animations – we design them.

Video is our most directly expressive way of sharing a brand, a product or a message. Our print, web or branding has become the base layer which we build from.

And we do all of this by knitting the core values of our approach to design deep into our video creation.

With the best possible kit, the latest software, and the Kenyons Video approach, we create award-winning stories for clients ranging from Premier League football clubs to colleges; from NHS Trusts to multinational manufacturers.

Everyone has a story to tell…