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Small Business, Big Marketing?

Small business, big business, small charity, large charity… whatever type of organisation you work for, you are likely to be engaging in some sort of marketing. Some sort of communications that tell people what you’re about and why they might want to engage with you. 

Working with a marketing agency can enable you to increase capacity, seize upon new ideas, and keep your fixed overheads low. Of course, we’re going to say that, but we have worked closely with clients and partners over the years to try and better understand what clients are looking for, how we can help, and how we can best fit into each other’s working lives. 

We know that small and micro businesses can be fearful of working with agencies because of (cited) worries about their budget, understanding and time pressures. But we also know, from experience, that we’ve been able to deliver impact to businesses of all sizes – because once we know what your goals are, and what your budget is, we can work with that. 

Most agencies will be able to adapt and think creatively – one would hope – about how to work together and achieve the best possible outcomes, within your time and budget parameters. 

There are things to consider when looking at where and how to increase your marketing efforts. Do you hire someone? Do you engage a consultant or freelance professional? Do you work with an agency? Do you try and do it yourself or upskill another member of the team? 

There is, unhelpfully, no set answer defined by the type of organisation you are – but we’ve put together some of our thoughts, based on interactions and experiences with clients and organisations in our network, that we think may help if you’re unsure where to turn. 

Small business

SMEs need to market themselves just as much as big businesses 

Industries can be crowded places at times, especially with big companies dominating the market. It’s a competitive world out there, with so many businesses selling similar products and services, and consumers won’t choose a small business just because they’re new to the market. 

Companies need to be able to stand out from the crowd with content that will engage and hold their audience’s attention – and this is where using the skills and experiences of an agency can help. 

Just because a business is small doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of a chance to compete with the big guns. Marketing is an important tool for keeping up with competitors, building brand awareness, and influencing audiences.  

By partnering with the right agency – one that listens for a start, to hear what it is you really need – small businesses can form a profile for themselves and be seen by the audiences that matter to them.

Harnessing the experience of professionals 

People who run small businesses and organisations pour their every effort into perfecting their product or service, but they can often find it challenging to position themselves, get people talking and convert their target audience into customers. 

Working with experienced professionals allows small business owners to tap into new channels and engage audiences, producing creative content that communicates brand stories and drives real results.  

A great example of this is inbound marketing, tied in with PR activities, which is an effective approach for SMEs, allowing businesses to use content marketing, social media and selected press coverage to educate customers about products and services and generate leads. 

SMEs have lots on their plate to worry about, so keeping up to date with the latest trends should be the least of their worries – that’s where the professionals step in. 

As experienced marketers, it’s our job to keep up to date with the ever-changing creative landscape, allowing businesses to thrive and grow, while leaving business owners to focus on the day-to-day running of their organisation. 

The dreaded ‘B’ word… 


Working with an agency doesn’t always appear to be a viable financial route for SMEs. With lots of agencies shouting from the rafters about their work on high-profile campaigns with glossy brands, it can leave SMEs wondering how an agency might be able to support them, and how they could afford their fees. 

But here’s the thing: not all agencies work exclusively with big businesses. In fact, many offer affordable and practical solutions designed to cater to small businesses, delivering great results and return on investment. 

Agencies can provide small businesses with a range of creative services, from brand, design and videography to PR, social media and animation. They also often have access to a broad network of business professionals and can put you in touch with influential people that can help build brand awareness – so their value can extend beyond the marketing support they deliver. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing – and it can feel overwhelming when you begin developing your brand story and planning your communications. But agencies will often know the best route to take to help you reach your goals and boost your business, leaning on their experience across various sectors and organisations. 


If you’re a small business thinking of working with a marketing agency, we’re always here to talk. You can reach us by emailing

By partnering with the right agency – one that listens for a start, to hear what it is you really need – small businesses can form a profile for themselves and be seen by the audiences that matter to them.