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Videos and animations are prime tools to help us share our clients’ stories.

Video and animation

Our in-house video and animation production team is highly experienced in: explainer animations; PR content produced within tight deadlines; hero videos showcasing brands and other campaign material including event coverage, product promotions and introductory videos from teams. A snapshot can be seen here…

The projects we work on – from promotional material to behaviour change – are built in partnership with clients in a variety of sectors. This has included: animations for Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive discussing travel initiatives; recruitment campaign videos for educational institutes such as Leeds City College and Oldham College; case study material for research studies from hospitals and universities; short, snappy content for social media for a wide breadth of target audiences.

Prime components of the digital world – including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%, for example – rich media content in the form of video and animation will progress marketing and PR campaigns in many ways, from improving SEO to gaining desired media coverage and attracting new audiences.

The approach and execution have to fit strategic aims and carry key messages effectively. Our team will work with you to make sure that your production meets your objectives and achieves the desired outcomes.

We will work collaboratively with you to understand the intricacies of the story you are producing and the best possible routes and production methods to take to communicate this appropriately to your target audience.

That’s why we don’t just make videos and animations – we design them.

Video is our most directly expressive way of sharing a brand, a product or a message.

And we do all of this by knitting the core values of our approach to design deep into our video creation.

With the best possible kit, the latest software, and our ongoing quest to be bolder and better, we create award-winning stories for clients ranging from Premier League football clubs to colleges; from NHS Trusts to multinational manufacturers.

With the current remote working and social distancing situation, we have adapted to provide video and animation solutions to clients, regardless. This has meant: providing clients with the tools or knowledge to capture footage themselves, which we then edit; recording live via video calling software; using video calling software to hold project meetings; implementing required measures when filming on location, and we continue to adapt to the continually changing environment, ensuring we can deliver what you need.

Everyone has a story to tell…

Projects that we have worked on which help to demonstrate the techniques used to communicate such stories include:

Transport for Greater Manchester

University of Liverpool