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Design and animation

A broad portfolio of work for Transport for Greater Manchester has seen us use some highly technical solutions to communicate simple messages. One example is the creation of Met-Man – an animated 3D superhero whose role in life is to tackle fare evasion on public transport.

Transport for Greater Manchester

We wanted to get over the serious messages around fare evasion without being too heavy-handed, and our animation team worked with colleagues in the US to make sure the 3D effects we achieved were to the highest industry standards, giving real flexibility and appeal to the character.

We’ve also worked with TfGM on ‘going contactless’ on the trams. Knowing that many people already understand contactless transactions, we gave our animation a tongue in cheek feel, with a ‘Master’ character spelling out what it all means, to his Apprentice.

Animations around a proposed Clean Air Zone, and a consultation on bus service reform, also show how this medium can be used effectively to distil complex messages for broad audiences.