We were established in 1990 by two people with a passion for storytelling - previously journalists, Caroline and Roger Kenyon started a PR agency. While we deliver the full breadth of creative marketing, our core passion remains the same - to tell a story and tell it well.

Our video team has grown over several years, answering the increasing demand from our clients, and we now work with established brands across the world to support them in telling their story well.

The difference with our video offering is the strength of our moving material is underpinned by brand and communications experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years.

From a video supporting a press release to promoting your latest products, we work on all types of projects and enjoy the variety and applying our learnings to new missions.

So, if you have anything you would like us to take a look at, please do get in touch, we'd like to explore how we can help and see what kind of brilliant videos we can create next - while delivering impact that matters.