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Transport for Greater Manchester

Working with Transport for Greater Manchester, we created a world of 3D animated characters, Met-Man and friends, to help tackle fare evasion.
Discover our services and how we can help you to achieve your aims.


Everton Football Club

From a branding project involving the biggest fan consultation of its kind, to the creation of 3D animated characters, find out more about what we do, and how we can work with you.


St Johns Shopping Centre

St Johns Shopping Centre is the largest covered shopping centre in the city of Liverpool, located in the heart of the city since 1969 and home to more than 100 retailers.




What will 2020 look like?

Thoughtfulness in creating words and visuals helps you to tell an effective story…

Richard, our art director, discusses the current design trends and how you can use these to help tell your story with maximum impact.

If you’re looking to harness graphic design as part of your marketing efforts this year, then we hope reading more about these trends will help you when considering how you’re going to effectively elevate customer experiences and perceptions of your business.


The Five Principles of Crisis Comms

Crisis, what crisis?

If Prince Andrew is reading this, can I respectfully suggest your Royal Highness goes straight to Principle 5. It might be helpful.

Otherwise, welcome to the succinct, if metaphor-heavy, Kenyons guide to crisis comms.

Every organisation – no matter how well run, and how many fingers are crossed – can face that pants-on-fire moment when something breaks the calm surface. A disgruntled employee ‘goes to the press’/an internal email questioning a customer’s solvency gets sent to everyone on your email list/a product needs to be recalled – whatever…

And whatever the scale of the issue, the principles of handling the media are the same.


We need to talk

Conversational copy isn’t new. But 2020 is the year in which it will become the definitive copy trend that you need to embrace. Why? It may sound counterintuitive but the rise of new technological factors such as next-gen chatbots, voice-search, and enhanced search algorithms means that in 2020 and beyond, it’s important to make your copy sound human…


Welcome to Kenyons, we’re a family that works together to achieve the best and create the impossible.

“We needed branding expertise and strategic communications advice – and a huge implementation exercise. Kenyons excelled and went beyond the call of duty to deliver outstanding results.”

– Dr Denise Barratt-Baxendale, Deputy Chief Executive, Everton Football Club

“Kenyons offers a true synergy with our brand and aspirations. As a centre we have seen tangible improvements across all KPIs greatly assisted by our social and digital content. Kenyons offers a true partnership approach with a focus on client satisfaction and commercial results.”

– St Johns Shopping Centre

“We have been working closely with Kenyons on quite a few projects. The whole team there are incredibly helpful and supportive and impressively quick to action any requests we make. Our new marketing materials fell fresh and energised and we continue to be very happy with everything they produce for us. It’s really nice to have such a good working relationship with a reliable marketing and design agency like this.”

– Merchant Taylors’ Schools

“We have developed a great relationship with Kenyons over the last two years and will continue for the foreseeable future. From leaflets and company stationery through to website re-designs and banner, they have turned their hand to all of our requirements with a professional approach and turning our ideas and visions into reality that really look the part.”

– Vantage Academies