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Transport for Greater Manchester

Working with Transport for Greater Manchester, we created a world of 3D animated characters, Met-Man and friends, to help tackle fare evasion.
Discover our services and how we can help you to achieve your aims.


Everton Football Club

From a branding project involving the biggest fan consultation of its kind, to the creation of 3D animated characters, find out more about what we do, and how we can work with you.


St Johns Shopping Centre

St Johns Shopping Centre is the largest covered shopping centre in the city of Liverpool, located in the heart of the city since 1969 and home to more than 100 retailers.




Should you post that?

There hasn’t been a situation like this in modern times. So, it’s understandable that businesses and brands are desperately trying to find the right approach to managing their social media channels. With over 3 billion people currently being encouraged to stay at home, social media usage has surged with a 76% increase in the number of likes on posts (according to a study by So, it’s vital that you take right the approach to social media during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Read on to find out what that approach could look like for your business…



The future of product promotion is… video games?!?

As if consumer brands weren’t struggling enough, along comes COVID-19 and its attendant shop closures, furloughs and massively reduced footfall. At the same time, traditional advertising options are becoming less attractive to companies reigning in their ad spend. But there is another option… video game advertising.

Promoting your product within video games may not seem like an obvious advertising channel, but it’s all about the audience. With video games you’ve got an audience which invests a great deal of time staring at their screen (and your advert). The average gamer spends six hours a week on their hobby, with 11% of gamers even admitting that they’ve taken sick days in order to keep playing.

Product placement and advertising within video games offers brands the opportunity to create extremely targeted advertising. For example, when users sign up for online gaming services such as Xbox Live, they provide valuable demographic data – meaning brands can craft engaging adverts that convert.

It’s an increasingly compelling proposition for brands wanting to try new channels away from print, radio and television.


Discussing public service and capital transformation programmes in the new COVID-19 normal.

Non-contact engagement and avoiding the risk of challenge.

Definition:      New Normal:  something which was previously uncommon has become commonplace.

Borrowing a feature, much loved by fans, of the Channel 4 show ‘The Last Leg’ “… is it normal…to assume that we no longer need face-to-face public engagement?”. That is, no more public meetings; no more standing in shopping centres talking about service changes; no more drop-ins in at community centres…


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Content & PR


“We needed branding expertise and strategic communications advice – and a huge implementation exercise. Kenyons excelled and went beyond the call of duty to deliver outstanding results.”

– Dr Denise Barratt-Baxendale, Deputy Chief Executive, Everton Football Club

“Kenyons offers a true synergy with our brand and aspirations. As a centre we have seen tangible improvements across all KPIs greatly assisted by our social and digital content. Kenyons offers a true partnership approach with a focus on client satisfaction and commercial results.”

– St Johns Shopping Centre

“We have been working closely with Kenyons on quite a few projects. The whole team there are incredibly helpful and supportive and impressively quick to action any requests we make. Our new marketing materials fell fresh and energised and we continue to be very happy with everything they produce for us. It’s really nice to have such a good working relationship with a reliable marketing and design agency like this.”

– Merchant Taylors’ Schools

“We have developed a great relationship with Kenyons over the last two years and will continue for the foreseeable future. From leaflets and company stationery through to website re-designs and banner, they have turned their hand to all of our requirements with a professional approach and turning our ideas and visions into reality that really look the part.”

– Vantage Academies