Student registration marketing campaign

Brownlow Health were looking to increase the number of students registering at their four practices in and around Liverpool city centre. As specialists in student health, the team at Brownlow Health works with universities across Liverpool, to understand the needs and required plans, as well as to promote the relevant services available with Brownlow Health.

As a new term approached, Brownlow Health were looking for a greater conversion of students registering with their practices. With Covid-19 impacting student situations across the country, more than ever the campaign needed to be understanding, responsive and relatable.

Students are seen as a hard-to-reach audience, only contacting GPs in a time of acute need rather than registering before a consultation is required. The campaign therefore also needed to be memorable, bringing Brownlow Health to front of mind when students need them.

Brownlow Health wanted to communicate the ease of online registration to students so that they could register as part of their ‘to-do list’ as they began their student life. In addition to online registration, e-consultations were also promoted to show students that access to doctors is hassle-free and required to manage both acute need and long-term conditions when away from home.

To engage with this audience at a time when they have a whole range of questions and things to think about, we kept the creative clean and bright, with clear and playful messaging – providing a simple and enjoyable experience for the people who see the creative.

We included innuendo-based artwork to grab attention amongst the various messaging and creative. A banana always grabs attention, doesn’t it…

The creative was deployed across online and Covid-safe offline channels, targeting the student demographic based in Liverpool. This included: posters for halls of residence and inside university buildings; branded digital content for stakeholders to share; a series of digital ads and animations, deployed primarily on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Happily, the campaign has been well received by the client and stakeholders.