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St Johns Shopping Centre

Design and production

In retail, it’s the numbers that matter – and our work for St Johns Shopping Centre resulted in a really good-looking set of figures.

St Johns, the largest covered shopping centre in Liverpool, was looking for an update with young, fresh and vibrant input across all digital and marketing outputs.

We covered all areas and everything from the store maps to the building’s branding to the safety signs were reworked in a sleek, cohesive style.

Our video team used this rebrand as a jumping-off point to record and edit a promotional piece that aired in the centre and on local broadcast networks. This showed St Johns as bustling, trendy, full of great stores and offers.

As well as refreshing the internal presentation of the centre’s brand and looking after media relations, we used social media heavily to reach target audiences. We curate St Johns’ online presence, creating content for all their social platforms. We use our social, digital and video teams to produce up-to-date posts to get maximum engagement from consumers.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns have been strategically led by interactive content, such as video and online poll systems, to maximise engagement and contribute to credibility.

As well as winning awards for this work (among them Best Digital Marketing Campaign – Retail, in the Northern Digital Awards 2019) the figures have been eye-catching. With national high streets often gloomy places, with footfall and sales falling, St Johns reported a 3% increase in sales and a 1.5% gain in footfall, with 300,000 extra shoppers passing through its doors.