Nostalgia campaign

The aim of the game was to engage a younger target audience without alienating current subscribers. This challenge led to the creation of a nostalgia-based campaign featuring a relatable hero character sharing his story…

The Football Pools wanted to generate brand awareness with a new target audience.

The Classic Pools game had a traditional audience with an average age of 70. The majority of these traditional players opted to play offline. As the game moved onto a digital platform the Football Pools team wanted to:

  • target a new audience for the game (which they identified as men aged 40-55)

  • increase brand awareness

  • move players onto the digital platform

  • increase player retention.

To support these objectives, we created the Classic Game campaign to target the primary audience playing on the emotive feelings towards the good old days of football – the glory days, the excitement, the success and achievement.

The campaign merged these emotive feelings for the beautiful game with the nostalgia of the Classic Pools game.

We created a cool and engaging character to act as a storyteller to bring the emotion and nostalgia to the forefront. The character is designed to resonate with those younger than him – who might aspire to be like him – whilst building a trusted, respected and ‘cool and commanding’ personality for older audiences to relate to.

We produced a suite of campaign assets including a hero video and eye-catching, slick creative to apply messaging to, drawing interest from the key audience, encouraging subscription and game play.

Campaign assets have been created for online and offline deployment, with messages tested at campaign outset.

The campaign is designed to grow beyond the first hit, putting the foundations in place for messages with longevity and seasonal flexibility.

Through the successful implementation of ideas such as this one, our work with The Football Pools continues to grow and we are currently working collaboratively on marketing plans for a range of existing and new products.

Key deliverables:

  • Production of a hero video that can be used beyond digital for TV advertising

  • Reusable assets beyond initial campaign duration

  • Legacy of adaptable creative that can change direction to target new audiences or draw on seasonal/topical themes.