Lions of Hounslow campaign

We worked with Hounslow Council on a campaign to recruit care workers who stood out from the pack…

Our proposed route took a strong approach, showcasing a role in care as important and rewarding, with only the tough and caring in the population able to follow this career path.

The key features of the campaign:

  • Putting the pride back into care

  • Showcasing the strength within carers

  • Igniting the drive within people to do something different, to do more

The mission was on to find the lions of Hounslow. It was time to awaken the pride, to prompt potential carers to answer the calling, and be a care worker in Hounslow.

The full creative marketing campaign was delivered within short timeframes, taking the idea from creative concept to integrated delivery within weeks. Our team provided:

  • Creative concepts

  • Assets for multiple platforms, from social media to Tube stations

  • Video case studies: insights from a range of care workers and individual stories

  • Promotional hero video

  • Website design

  • Animated GIFs

  • Copywriting for all assets

A full campaign evaluation will be taking place, but initial stakeholder feedback has been wholly positive. The pride is awakening!