Recruitment campaign

LIPA – the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts – is one of our near neighbours in the city, and we’ve supported their UK and global marketing efforts in a variety of ways.

The overall challenge was to reach diverse student and parent audiences all over the world and communicate the key benefits of studying at LIPA.

Our designers, marketers and content team first worked with LIPA to produce an industry leading prospectus that showcased the talents of the staff, the brilliant facilities they have to offer, and the effective way they prepare students for careers in the performing arts.

Our video team was also commissioned to produce a series of programmes that accurately portray LIPA’s main benefits. The institute is known globally for its standards (and its links with co-founder Sir Paul McCartney), so there was plenty of material to explore.

However, the key to great video is knowing the right tone to use, and we filmed, edited and delivered a visually stunning final product that was both informative and engaging.

We’ve also worked on photography projects, the design of marketing materials such as pull-up banners and posters, and the redesign of the LIPA website.