public transport

Transport recovery campaign

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is the local government body responsible for public transport across South Yorkshire, committed to delivering a safe and accessible public transport network and encouraging residents to choose sustainable travel options.

SYPTE wanted to engage with local and regional audiences to increase patronage across their public transport network.

They wanted to rebuild customer confidence, increase the use of journey planning tools, and create a positive public transport narrative which was present across social media sentiment, digital engagement and the uptake of new products and services.

public transport

To support our client to achieve its goals, Kenyons developed: 

  • A compelling new brand narrative which anchored all campaign activity across the year 

  • An overall campaign identity which helped build customer confidence in public transport 

  • A bold and engaging visual campaign to support the key campaign messaging

  • A messaging matrix, aligning four key messaging themes with appropriate audiences

  • Creative assets for relevant media outputs, including social media, web, print, out-of-home, video, photography and animation 

Through this campaign, it was important that we reached out to, and engaged, different demographics across the Sheffield City Region.

In order to do this, we used different creative approaches and channels to communicate with different audience segments, deploying a mix of static images, a stakeholder toolkit, video content, photography, and animated content. 

We featured real people from the region in our campaign creative – for example, we created short, engaging case studies showing passengers’ positive experiences of public transport – and this approach was particularly compelling for our target audiences.

By featuring real people and communicating through a peer-to-peer method of promotion, we brought a level of authenticity and relatability to the campaign. 

Real people, places and public transport assets also feature heavily across all campaign visuals, enabling the campaign to continually resonate with our audience groups and showcase the network, build a sense of place, and instil pride in South Yorkshire. 

public transport

It was important that our creative aligned with distinct key messages and themes, including, but not limited to: 

  • Ticketing 

  • Fares 

  • Reasons for travel 

  • The green agenda

  • Network investment

  • Events

  • Modal shifts 

Through a mix of high-quality photography, smart graphics and bold colours, we produced recognisable campaign visuals which were deployed consistently across all online and offline channels.

The versatility of the brand also allowed for regional effectiveness, as well as for more localised communications when required. 

Working in partnership with SYPTE, we built an integrated, flexible campaign, which was delivered within the budget and timeframe, and which resonated with target audiences and supported the client to meet its objectives.