Brand development

Roots is an organisation committed to creating a space where asylum seekers can use their voices as fellow Mancunians.

After consultation with asylum seekers, the Roots team was able to establish the roots of the challenges faced by those seeking asylum, or those with refugee status. This included people feeling a reduced sense of wellbeing because of:

– Lack of self-esteem

– Isolation and loneliness

– Not having a safe space

Roots Project is on a mission to tackle some of these core problems.

They are a people-centred, community-driven organisation providing a welcome and strong branch of support to the people who need it most.

Ultimately, they want to support people seeking asylum and those with refugee status to have improved wellbeing, through:

  • Reduced loneliness

  • Increased connection

  • Increased sense of belonging

The brief:

The brand needed to be bold and make an impact – matching the ambitious organisation and people behind it – whilst creating a sense of warmth, welcome and familiarity. The brand needed to be professional yet down to earth.


The approach:

The Roots team discussed their values and ambitions for the project, giving Kenyons an in-depth understanding of the mission they are on, and the way they want to communicate with their audiences.

This led to a series of design concepts, which included:

  • Colour association research – exploring the meaning and suggestions associated with different colours, for people from different parts of the world. We were able to establish a warm, strong and positive colour palette, particularly relevant to those from the Middle East

  • Conveying the core of a tree to show the grounding of the project and the many component parts within it

  • An accessible and striking font; catching attention. easily recognisable and understood.

We went through several iterations of the initial concept in partnership with the Roots team and their panel of refugees they were working with, to produce a highly relevant and well-considered brand which matches the driving force of the project.